How to make money online from home

how to make money online from home

There are So many ways of how to make money online from home. I will list a few but I’m going to get into my favorite right after that. It will be to your benefit to stay till the end of this post because I have a special surprise for you. Believe me, you’ll be happy you did.

Here are a few great ways to earn from home

  1. Fivver gigs at — if you have any kind of skills at all you can freelance on
  2. Become a virtual assistant—there are tons of entrepreneurs that need help.
  3. Trade Stocks—day trade or Swing trade
  4. Flip websites, buy and sell domain names
  5. Start a daycare service
  6. Start a youtube channel
  7. Blog  (last but not least this is my favorite one)

Bloggs have unlimited income potential because of the compound effect that it has if you blog daily or at least 4 times per week.

Each blog post that you write should be with the intentions to solve a problem or answer a question of your audience.

Here are the basic steps to starting

  • Start your blog on you need hosting, a blog theme and plugins.
  • Then Pick your Niche of what you will be blogging about
  • Create content for your audience based on keywords   they search for.
  • Drive Traffic to your Blog post with SEO and Social Media
  • Make Money — get paid from offers you post on your blog in response to answering you’re audiences question or solving their problem.

That’s it, Those are the five main steps to blogging, Then after that, you just rinse and repeat. do it daily and your income will grow each and every month. I wish I knew about this how to make money online from home concept sooner. Better late than never.

Now how to get money online from home in large amounts is what I’m going to show you next.

Each Keyword that people are searching for has a certain number attached to it, It’s Google’s way of keeping track of what people are searching for.

Each keyword is going to dring a certain amount of traffic to your site. It has a compound effect like interest in an investment account. The more you blog the more people will visit your blog for the keywords that you create content for.

Now how to make money online from home in a huge way is when you hit that 100,000 keyword mark. I’m not saying you’re not going to make money until you hit that number, I’m just saying it starts to become significant amounts of money.

Let’s say you blogged daily for 6 months, and you’re at 100,000 visitors and 1% opt-in to your email list that’s 1,000 people, and let’s say 20% purchased something for $23.50 immediately, that’s 200 sales times

$23.50, that’s a residual income of $4,700. per month just from blogging daily, sharing content to help solve your visitor’s problems. Let’s not forget that this income will grow every month and will be residual, meaning you can take a couple of days or weeks off and you will still get paid.

I believe that I answered your question of how to make money online from home on this blog post. Now it’s time for you to take action on this free offer to solve your problem of wanting to make money from home.

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