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how to earn money blogging

In this Post, I’m going to get straight to the point of how to earn money blogging online. First, you must pick a blogging platform, to blog on. There are many places you can blog for free, the cons of picking free blogging platforms are, you do not own it or your content once you publish it.

Here are a few free blogging platforms, but I do not recommend starting out with one.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress.com
  3. Medium
  4. Wix
  5. Weebly

The Best way to start a blog is on WordPress.org

With a WordPress.org Blog, you need hosting which is a place to keep your blog and it’s content. Then you need to know how to put your blogs look together which is also called a theme, then you need plugins which controls the functionality of the blog.  Don’t panic read this blog post to the end and I will

Make sure you have the information you need that will give you free training that will make this process so simple and easy with step, by step video training. Once all of that is taken care of now it’s time to

get started on how to earn money blogging. Now that your blog is set up you have to

  1. Pick a Niche/Topic you want to blog about
  2. Create content daily and post at least 3 to 5 days per week or every day if possible.
  3. Get traffic to your blog with SEO and Social Media.
  4. Monetize your blog. Add valuable content on your blog that answers questions to what visitors are searching for in Google.

There is a science to how to earn money blogging online,

That science is simple, give before you get. You must give valuable content to people coming to your blog before you start receiving income from your blog content.

Each blog post that you create has a certain number of visitors that will visit too read you’re content every month. It’s a compound effect like interest on an investment account. The way you find out how many visitors will come is with a keyword tool.

Blogging daily is the Key to how to earn money blogging, Blogging daily or at least four times per week for six months can potentially build a following of one hundred thousand visitors if you find keywords with good traffic volume.

Now here is the good part, with that kind of traffic coming to your blog it’s almost impossible for you not to be earning a good income. This type of volume to your blog is full-time, income potential.

Lets low ball this number, if one hundred thousand people visit your blog per month and only one percent subscribe to your offer which is one thousand, and only twenty percent of the one thousand buy something right away that’s two hundred potential sales.

If you had something on sale for $23.50 times 200, people, your income would be $4,700 per month, and the good part is your income will only increase every month like clockwork, because of the compounding effect of blogging daily. Let’s not forget the other 80% of the thousand people that opted into your email list

that will eventually make a purchase in the future. I hope this blog post is helping you understand the power of how to make money blogging. By the way that $4,700 is residual and it will grow monthly.

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