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How to make money blogging for beginners in your spare time.

how to make money blogging for beginners

I Remember when I started my quest on how to make money blogging for beginners.

It was a challenge because there are too many shiny objects and so-called guru’s all over the internet trying to pitch their latest deal just to make money, not really giving any value, and making you pay upfront not knowing what you are getting yourself into.


Some offered 30-day money back guarantees, but most did not. Lot’s of times you had to put up a scuffle to get your money back if you thought the content was trash.


In this blog post, I aim to save you time and money. My new number one rule is if I can’t get a 7-day trial and play before I pay I’m not doing it. O.K. I at least want a 30-day money back guarantee in writing. I encourage you to read this to the end I got a special gift that is super valuable to get you started in the right direction on how to make money blogging for beginners.


This is a break down of the best way to start blogging.

  1. Find a Niche/Topic of what you want to Blog about, make sure its something people want and people are searching for. The way to find out how many people are searching for this topic you need a Key Word Tool like Longtail Pro.  This tool will tell you how much traffic you will get for ranking on page one of  Google.
  2. Then you Must get hosting to host your Blog on, it’s the best way to start, and it requires hosting, which is a place where your blog and the content you create will be housed so your visitors can find you when they do a search.
  3. Next, you have to pick a theme and plugins for the look and functionality of your Blog.
  4. Then you create valuable content around the Keywords that people are searching for to answer the question or problem that they are trying to solve.
  5. Then you Monetize your content with Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate links, other affiliate links, a course that you created, and the list goes on. You get my point, offer something of value that solves their problem. This is how you get paid off your blogging efforts.
  6. Last but not least Drive Traffic to your content with SEO and Social Media so people can see your content.


I know I know, this list looks intimidating, I got something for you that will make how to make money blogging for beginners a piece of cake. This is the free gift that I offered in the beginning. When you sign up for hosting with SiteGround just send me an email with proof of purchase and I will send you a link to

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Send you The free training that I promised.

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How to make money online from home

how to make money online from home

There are So many ways of how to make money online from home. I will list a few but I’m going to get into my favorite right after that. It will be to your benefit to stay till the end of this post because I have a special surprise for you. Believe me, you’ll be happy you did.

Here are a few great ways to earn from home

  1. Fivver gigs at — if you have any kind of skills at all you can freelance on
  2. Become a virtual assistant—there are tons of entrepreneurs that need help.
  3. Trade Stocks—day trade or Swing trade
  4. Flip websites, buy and sell domain names
  5. Start a daycare service
  6. Start a youtube channel
  7. Blog  (last but not least this is my favorite one)

Bloggs have unlimited income potential because of the compound effect that it has if you blog daily or at least 4 times per week.

Each blog post that you write should be with the intentions to solve a problem or answer a question of your audience.

Here are the basic steps to starting

  • Start your blog on you need hosting, a blog theme and plugins.
  • Then Pick your Niche of what you will be blogging about
  • Create content for your audience based on keywords   they search for.
  • Drive Traffic to your Blog post with SEO and Social Media
  • Make Money — get paid from offers you post on your blog in response to answering you’re audiences question or solving their problem.

That’s it, Those are the five main steps to blogging, Then after that, you just rinse and repeat. do it daily and your income will grow each and every month. I wish I knew about this how to make money online from home concept sooner. Better late than never.

Now how to get money online from home in large amounts is what I’m going to show you next.

Each Keyword that people are searching for has a certain number attached to it, It’s Google’s way of keeping track of what people are searching for.

Each keyword is going to dring a certain amount of traffic to your site. It has a compound effect like interest in an investment account. The more you blog the more people will visit your blog for the keywords that you create content for.

Now how to make money online from home in a huge way is when you hit that 100,000 keyword mark. I’m not saying you’re not going to make money until you hit that number, I’m just saying it starts to become significant amounts of money.

Let’s say you blogged daily for 6 months, and you’re at 100,000 visitors and 1% opt-in to your email list that’s 1,000 people, and let’s say 20% purchased something for $23.50 immediately, that’s 200 sales times

$23.50, that’s a residual income of $4,700. per month just from blogging daily, sharing content to help solve your visitor’s problems. Let’s not forget that this income will grow every month and will be residual, meaning you can take a couple of days or weeks off and you will still get paid.

I believe that I answered your question of how to make money online from home on this blog post. Now it’s time for you to take action on this free offer to solve your problem of wanting to make money from home.

To start a blog you must have hosting, I recommend hosting with Siteground it is the absolute best hosting money can buy. for purchasing siteground through my affiliate link below I give will give you free access to a Blogging and affiliate boot camp that will teach you how to make a full time income blogging with

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How To Earn Money From Blogs online for beginners

How to earn money from blogs

Not too long ago I was searching on the net, about how to earn money from blogs, I was fed up with all the hype and bull crap that was being spammed all over the internet at the time. I came across a blog that

gave a short description of how to monetize a blog, and at the end of the blog post I took the chance and signed up because it was free training, and I did not even have to give up a credit card.

I’m so glad I did, it was the first blog I’ve seen online that offered free training. Everything I have ever come across online has either had a hefty fee with no free trial and the content usually turned out to be rehashed junk regurgitated from someone else, or it had a low entry fee with crappy content and tools that did not work.

I’m not going to make this Blog post on how to earn money from blogs long, because the best way to find something out is to take action and do it. So, real quick, a blog is a place that you share content with others that are searching the internet looking for answers to a question or problem that needs to be solved.

Your job as a blogger is to create content to answer questions and solve problems based on keywords that people are searching for. When you create this content and start to rank on Google, people will find your content from searching for answers to there questions and or problems.

Once you start getting visitors to your blog you can get paid a number of ways. Adsense, online courses, ebooks, Amazons affiliate program, other affiliates, and quite a few other ways. No matter how you choose

To monetize your blog to get paid, you must seek to serve your audience by posting content that answers there questions and solve problems they may have first.

To answer your search question Siteground is the best hosting that you can get started with blogging and affiliate marketing. When you Purchase hosting with Siteground through my link, I will send you a free

blogging and affiliate mareketing boot camp that will teach you how to create a full-time income with your laptop, from anywhere in the world.

Don’t bother trying to find anything better out on the internet, this is the perfect answer too, how to earn money from blogs. This is one of the only blogs online that will give you free training for purchasing hosting through an affiliate link.

By the way, if your thinking about blogging on free blog platforms forget it. is standard, all the top blogs that are making tons of money are on If you’re really serious about how to earn money from blogs,

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I Look forward to helping you achieve your goals. Ok, Now Take Action.

Learn How to earn money blogging online part-time today

how to earn money blogging

In this Post, I’m going to get straight to the point of how to earn money blogging online. First, you must pick a blogging platform, to blog on. There are many places you can blog for free, the cons of picking free blogging platforms are, you do not own it or your content once you publish it.

Here are a few free blogging platforms, but I do not recommend starting out with one.

  1. Blogger
  3. Medium
  4. Wix
  5. Weebly

The Best way to start a blog is on

With a Blog, you need hosting which is a place to keep your blog and it’s content. Then you need to know how to put your blogs look together which is also called a theme, then you need plugins which controls the functionality of the blog.  Don’t panic read this blog post to the end and I will

Make sure you have the information you need that will give you free training that will make this process so simple and easy with step, by step video training. Once all of that is taken care of now it’s time to

get started on how to earn money blogging. Now that your blog is set up you have to

  1. Pick a Niche/Topic you want to blog about
  2. Create content daily and post at least 3 to 5 days per week or every day if possible.
  3. Get traffic to your blog with SEO and Social Media.
  4. Monetize your blog. Add valuable content on your blog that answers questions to what visitors are searching for in Google.

There is a science to how to earn money blogging online,

That science is simple, give before you get. You must give valuable content to people coming to your blog before you start receiving income from your blog content.

Each blog post that you create has a certain number of visitors that will visit too read you’re content every month. It’s a compound effect like interest on an investment account. The way you find out how many visitors will come is with a keyword tool.

Blogging daily is the Key to how to earn money blogging, Blogging daily or at least four times per week for six months can potentially build a following of one hundred thousand visitors if you find keywords with good traffic volume.

Now here is the good part, with that kind of traffic coming to your blog it’s almost impossible for you not to be earning a good income. This type of volume to your blog is full-time, income potential.

Lets low ball this number, if one hundred thousand people visit your blog per month and only one percent subscribe to your offer which is one thousand, and only twenty percent of the one thousand buy something right away that’s two hundred potential sales.

If you had something on sale for $23.50 times 200, people, your income would be $4,700 per month, and the good part is your income will only increase every month like clockwork, because of the compounding effect of blogging daily. Let’s not forget the other 80% of the thousand people that opted into your email list

that will eventually make a purchase in the future. I hope this blog post is helping you understand the power of how to make money blogging. By the way that $4,700 is residual and it will grow monthly.

If you’re serious about how to make money blogging take advantage of the information I’m giving too you for free. Everything I mentioned on this blog is handed to you step by step in video format when you purchase hosting with Siteground Hosting . You will get access to training thats worth thousands

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Then send proof of purchase to, then I will send you free blogging and affiliate marketing training.

this is the absolute best way and Place to host and run your Blog because I’m giving you tons of training that you can not, and will not get for free anywhere else. I look forward to helping you.

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How to earn money online for free

How to earn money online for free

I remember when I was Just starting out searching for how to earn money online for free. I wish I found the same blog post that your on now back then. I would have saved myself thousands of dollars. That’s why I’m here now to save you money and time, There are a lot of make money guru’s and

opportunities online right now and I’m telling you please do not waste your time or money with anything else other than what I’m going to share with you now.

Blogging and Affiliate Marketing is the number one activity that you can do right now that is totally free of charge to make money on the internet. A blog is a place that you write content about a specific niche aka

target market or topic that people are searching for online.  A blog has a compound effect, The more you write the more visitors will show up to your blog, over three to six months you can potentially have one

hundred thousand people or more coming to read your content. Now how to earn money online for free with this blog is not hard at all, you must find a niche, something that you have knowledge of and enjoy

or something that you would like to learn and write about in the process of learning it. So let’s go over that again.

  1. Niche, first you want to find what you want to blog about daily
  2. Create content for visitors that come to your blog to consume and interact with you.
  3. Monetize your Blog post add affiliate links to your post that will solve your audience problems 
  4. Drive traffic to your blog post with SEO and Social Media

Those are the main Steps to how to earn money online for free. Now the third step which is monetizing your blog is easy. When you create content on your blog you can leave Affiliate links to different offers to solve a problem that your visitors are looking for. You can also get paid from Google Adsense.

For example, you typed How to earn money online for free in the search engines. Then my blog appeared you Clicked on it and now I’m giving you the solution to your problem. On the blog post, you will find a

link to a very lucrative Blog platform that will take away all of the mysteries of making money online with a blog, and ways to monetize it through affiliate programs like Amazon and many others.

A blog takes time to monetize you must be consistent with your work ethic, it is not like a job where you get paid for just showing up and they pay you a little money so you don’t quit, and you do just enough work not to get fired.

The blogging and affiliate marketing business model is way better than a job. You can make life-changing money if you take daily action and follow the training that I’m going to give you now, for Free. When you

Purchase Hosting through my link I will send you free access to Blogging and affiliate marketing training that is worth over one thousand dollars. To start blogging you must have hosting and a domain name, which is the name your going to give your blog.

When you purchase hosting through the link I provide on this blog post you will get hosting for $5.95 per month and a totally free domain name, make sure you decide the name of your blog and your happy with it because after you purchase it you will not be able to change it, It comes free with your hosting account.

8 Reasons why you want to take Action on this information Right way. No time to procrastinate do it asap after reading the 9 Reasons.

  1. Free Training on everything you need to know to be a successful blogger/affiliate marketer
  2. It comes with hosting that has 24/7 phone support
  3. It comes with free training that you will not get for free anywhere else.
  4. Unlimited potential to make money from free affiliate networks.
  5. The hosting is super secure so you do not have to worry about hackers and spammers messing up your blog content like other hosting companies. I know from experience what we have is the best.
  6. You get unlimited sites that you can build with your hosting plan.
  7. It’s risk-free, all your paying for is your hosting, which is only $5.95 per month, and I’m giving you all the training that you need to be successful online for free.
  8. When you get hosting through my link you become like family, you will be part of my inner circle, I will always give you the help and support you need to succeed as long as your not a slacker or a quitter, all you have to do is follow the video instructions I give and be consistent with it.

I’m giving you the keys to a platform that is unmatched in the blogging and Affiliate marketing space, It’s

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How to make money online with a laptop

How to make money online with a

This is a huge topic people search for daily, how to make money online with a laptop computer. I’ve been searching for the answer to this question for many years and finally found the best answer for me, and I’m going to share this method with you on this blog post. First of all, there are many ways to make money online with your laptop.

  • Shopify
  • eBay
  • trading stock or currencies
  • buying and selling domains/flipping websites
  • starting a digital media marketing company/ social media management for local businesses
  • SEO for Local Businesses
  • Affiliate/CPA marketing
  • Blogging
  • YOUTUBE—-> Start your own youtube channel build a following and make money off the ads
  • T-Shirts—-> sell T-shirts on Facebook from T-Spring
  • Write a book and publish it on Kindle
  • Become a ghost blogger—->write high-quality articles and sell it on upwork, fiverr, or text broker
  • Photography—->sell photographs on Flickr, Istock photo, Shutterstock and quite a few other places
  • Record and sell your own music online, of course, that’s if you have talent, to do so.
  • Become a Virtual Assistant. Busy entrepreneurs higher people every day to do the work that they no longer want to do.

Ok there you have it, I listed quite a few things you can do online, but the number one thing that you can do daily is blogging,   and over a fairly short period of time you will generate a nice passive income. The reason I use the word passive is, each blog post you do one time and it will start generating an income over and over again without doing anything else to it.

Each blog post will increase the number of visitors and traffic that you get to your blog daily, that’s why it is very important to blog daily,  or at least four times per week. Each topic that you blog about has a traffic number attached to it. Google keeps stats on the number of visitors and traffic each Keyword/Topic that people are searching for. So over a period of a month to six months, you can potentially have one hundred thousand visitors or more coming to your blog. Blogging has a compound effect.

Now here comes the gravy, this is the part when I show you how to make money online with a computer from your efforts of blogging, my favorite past time that makes money daily. Once you get up to a certain amount of traffic to your blog you can monetize it, meaning you can put something of value on sale that your visitors are looking for to solve their problems.

Best Web hosting services/Training

Blogging is not hard at all but if your brand new it can require some help to start you off, that’s why I’m including  free training and the best hosting for blogging platform on the internet. In the past when I first decided to blog I tried quite a few companies to host my blog, blue host, and  host gator, They are great companies, but with each one, I had technical problems that they could not resolve.

Hosting your Blog on is the best place to have your blog, top-notch hosting and training is not an option.

This can be very bad for you when you’re trying to build an income for you and your family online if your hosting suck and you don’t have training and support.

Now if you want the truth on how to make money online with a computer with zero problems my suggestion that is given should not be taken lightly. There are hosting companies out their online, and blog training online that will cost you an arm and a leg per month.

Quality Blog Hosting and Training is the Keys to your success online, so don’t take it lightly

When you build your blog up to the point of having thousands  of visitors per month you need it to work, and you want it to work fast and on time every time, you know people are impatient and will click off your site if it takes too long to load or if there is a problem with loading they will leave and never return.

You know what they say you get what you pay for. Now when it comes to hosting the hosting that this blog is on is only $5.95 per month,  On this blog post, I’m including a link to the hosting that I use to host this blog that your on now.

When you Purchase from my link You will get into my inner circle training for as long as you are a customer of the hosting plan that you purchase, or if you become an affiliate of one of my other businesses that I promote can will also be able to continue to have access to free training.

This training will give you all that you need to create a full time income from blogging and affiliate marketing online.

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When you get on the siteground site, Click web hosting, Pick grow big plan for $5.95, pick a domain name, this will be the name of your blog so pick wisely. The domain comes free with your hosting for life. Then

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